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Helen Howard as Queen Margaret
Todd MacDonald as Shakespeare
Amy Ingham as Anne
Todd MacDonald, Pachero Mzembe


Costume supervisor for the production

Crippled king. Fierce warrior. Cunning psychopath. For four centuries, Shakespeare’s Richard III has been regarded as the greatest villain in world drama; a bottled spider, loved and loathed for spinning a web of lies and violence around the monarchy. In 2012, Richard’s resting place was finally uncovered: an unmarked, unremarkable, shallow grave beneath a supermarket car park - too small for the remains or the myth. 

The Tragedy of King Richard III is an excavation of the play, the man and ourselves. Bigger than history, bigger than Shakespeare, this is a story of rampant revenge with some hard questions for us all: What are our dreams of power? Have we created a civilisation that corrupts those who rule it? Or do we need their corruption - to let us off the hook?


La Boite Theatre Company - Full credits here


"Helen Howard an articulate, elegant, fearsome creature, just as she should be. In Howard’s hands, the act of lifting a chainmail sleeve from a bucket of blood and putting it on, blood dripping down her flesh and soaking into the fabric of her dress, becomes a fine art, pure (horrifying, mesmerising) seduction" - Xanthe Coward

"The technically ambitious design is captivating in its realisation, full of powerful visual imagery... The stage is filled with blood and water in nightly ruin of its stunning costumes." Meredith Walker


Photos Dylan Evans

Photo credits Dylan Evans

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