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Rat Trap 2 - Photo Sean Young
Rat Trap 4 - photo Sean Young
Rat Trap 3 - Photo Sean Young
Rat Trap - Sean Young photos
Rat Trap - photo Boris Day


Design Assistant

Your invited to The Rat Trap, a technicolour tiki bar where the doors are locked but the drinks are flowing. Curfew is lifted and the guest list includes the high flying King of Burlesque, a body adorned Samoan chief, a hot brown bitch, a fabulous femme fatale and a seven-foot Islander drag offender. The Rat Trap is a unique blend of dance, aerials, circus, and melodramatic theatricality where the traditions of the Pacific, the guts of physical performance and the crimes of pop-culture collide.

Queensland Theatre Company/ Polytoxic

Full credits here

May 2012
Billie Brown Studios

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Photos Sean Young

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